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Let’s keep in touch!

Thanks for the memories, and the brief chats, and the funny stories, and the paper cuts. The sale was a really great experience. The remaining books were donated to Jane Addams. Anything they don’t want or can’t use will be donate to Goodwill. As many books as we can save will be saved, that’s just how we roll.

Benjamin and I met a lot of fantastic people during the sale and we’d like to keep in touch, or we’d like you to keep following along with us on this digital interweb. Below are some places you can find us. We’ve both got projects and plans in the works (we’re pretty sick of having day jobs) so add this blog to your reader of choice and we’ll keep you posted on future schemes.

Benjamin Stone aka Benchilada

Nadja Robot

  • Flickr
  • I have an awesome blog about vintage cocktails (and yet, I am not an alcoholic) but it’s napping right now

Together we are Stone-Robot Enterprises and we have a Printfection store and soon, world domination!


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