Sunday Book Sales Fight Prejudice

Day one of the book sale went swimmingly! A few people commented on my snarky blogging style, I must admit, I felt the sin of pride. Tonight you’ll enjoy my OH MY GOD I AM SO TIRED style. We’re so tired we’re not even walking the one block from our little house to see our sexy friends shaking their tassels at the Pride Festival.

We are open tomorrow from nine in the am to whenever we’re sick of books in the pm. The deals will be flowing like sweet, sweet coffee tomorrow so come by (again) and grab some books. I think we still have some Bridges of Madison County but we’re pretty much out of books by and/or about Hitler (why so many?!).

We’ve also got this book about Sunday School. I was raised by godless heathens so I’m not really sure what goes on at Sunday School but I’m glad it fights prejudice. Go Jesus!


Look at all these books! And backsides! This was a very common site. And we get more of the same tomorrow. Woo hoo.


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