More Sale Info (or, How This Thing is Going to Work)

The current sale dates are September 8th and 9th at Michael’s house in beautiful Urbana, IL.

  • The sale will start at 9 and we will tolerate NO early birds (unless they are actually avian, then they can flap around, that’s fine).  NO early sales. None. Zero of the early sales. That means no staking out an area and standing in front of it like a slavering she-bear until 9am. No lightly resting ones hand on a first edition copy of Malleus Maleficarum* until sales begin. No slipping a stack of books that are actually good under an Ayn Rand** doorstop to keep them safe.
  • The books will be organized by size, or maybe color, or more probably by whim.
  • While we haven’t figured out a way to stop this from happening, we would really prefer it if the books were sold to non-dealers. We want the books to be read and enjoyed by individuals.
  • If the book has a price on it already, that’s the price we’re selling it for. $1.75 DAW paperback? That’ll be $1.75, please!
  • We reserve the right to make silly and arbitrary rules and deals which may contradict what’s been said previously.

*editor’s note: we haven’t actually seen a copy of Malleus Maleficarum at the house but that doesn’t mean there’s not one.

**editor’s note: there is a LOT of Rand at the house and we’re not really sure why Michael liked her. We make no promises not to judge you if you buy it but we’ll keep quiet about it.



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6 responses to “More Sale Info (or, How This Thing is Going to Work)

  1. james

    What is the address for the book sale?

  2. hank

    Regarding bullet point #3: Book dealers are human too, we occasionally read the books we sell and provide a triage point for books not sold immediately at your sale with the ultimate goal of selling those books to other book readers; the alternative is often the landfill.

    • You are absolutely correct, and like we said, we haven’t figured out a way to restrict sales to people planning on reselling.
      This sale is about sharing Michael’s books with individuals in the community and selling them at a low price. We have a personal connection with these pages. We understand that you are human and we hope you respect and understand that the people running the sale are human and are selling the belongings of a dear friend.

  3. I don’t see anywhere how we can buy online. I live in California!

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