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Thanks for the memories, and the brief chats, and the funny stories, and the paper cuts. The sale was a really great experience. The remaining books were donated to Jane Addams. Anything they don’t want or can’t use will be donate to Goodwill. As many books as we can save will be saved, that’s just how we roll.

Benjamin and I met a lot of fantastic people during the sale and we’d like to keep in touch, or we’d like you to keep following along with us on this digital interweb. Below are some places you can find us. We’ve both got projects and plans in the works (we’re pretty sick of having day jobs) so add this blog to your reader of choice and we’ll keep you posted on future schemes.

Benjamin Stone aka Benchilada

Nadja Robot

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  • I have an awesome blog about vintage cocktails (and yet, I am not an alcoholic) but it’s napping right now

Together we are Stone-Robot Enterprises and we have a Printfection store and soon, world domination!


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Sunday Book Sales Fight Prejudice

Day one of the book sale went swimmingly! A few people commented on my snarky blogging style, I must admit, I felt the sin of pride. Tonight you’ll enjoy my OH MY GOD I AM SO TIRED style. We’re so tired we’re not even walking the one block from our little house to see our sexy friends shaking their tassels at the Pride Festival.

We are open tomorrow from nine in the am to whenever we’re sick of books in the pm. The deals will be flowing like sweet, sweet coffee tomorrow so come by (again) and grab some books. I think we still have some Bridges of Madison County but we’re pretty much out of books by and/or about Hitler (why so many?!).

We’ve also got this book about Sunday School. I was raised by godless heathens so I’m not really sure what goes on at Sunday School but I’m glad it fights prejudice. Go Jesus!


Look at all these books! And backsides! This was a very common site. And we get more of the same tomorrow. Woo hoo.

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Bizarre, Serious, Strange- Sounds Like Michael

Come, love the books that Michael loved.

We have multiple copies of these three, as well as more Richard Brautigan (one of Nadja’s favorites!), more books full of facts, and more Tom Robbins. Why did he have so many editions of so many books? He loved all of them and he loved to give them to friends to read and discuss with him. Michael spent forty years getting e-books to the world; now his paper books join them in your hands. We can’t wait to see you.

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Sale Day is Tomorrow!


It looks like fair weather is in store for us tomorrow! Our volunteers are pumped and ready, our schedule is planned, our ‘to-do’ list is manageable, the coffee place talked me down from two boxes of coffee to one, our play-list hasn’t even been started though… what music makes you really want to buy some books?

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The Unlikely Duo


A.A. Fair was a pen name of Erle Stanley Gardner, author of the Perry Mason books. We have bunches and bunches of Gardner and tons of Ian Fleming. Bunches! Some of them are even bundled together for you convenience.

I love the stern look of this lady, presumably ‘Bertha Cool’. From an Amazon.com review:

Meet Donald Lam, he’s a private detective or at least, he is by the end of the book. A more unlikely looking P.I. you’ll never meet, as he is constantly reminded. At 5 and a half feet tall and 127 pounds, he’s simply not intimidating at all. But what he lacks in brawn he more than makes up for in brains, a fact that is not lost on his new employer, Bertha Cool of the B.L. Cool Agency, was sharp enough to spot.

Now, Bertha Cool is also not the most likely head figure of a detective agency, although physically impressive she most certainly is. She’s sixty-something with grey hair, sparkling eyes and a grandmotherly expression. She weighs in at over 300 pounds and is described as having the majesty of a snow capped mountain and the assurance of a steamroller.

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As an aside… The book sale is recommended for adults only. This is absolutely not the cheekiest book we have. In fact, there were some nicely steamy books we flipped through this evening. Good stuff.

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Focus Helmet

We have tons of Hugo Award winning books, from the Demolished Man to Stranger in a Strange Land, from Cat’s Cradle to Jack of Shadows, as well as Neuromancer and Count Zero. What we sadly cannot say is that we have this incredibly bizarre invention by Hugo Gernsback, after whom the Hugo Award was named.

We do have this copy of THX-1138 which was partially filmed in Bay Area subway stations (BART)!THX-1138

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September 4, 2012 · 1:56 pm